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25 x Triple Wall (Ripple) Hot Drink Cup - VIP (340ml / 12oz)

25 x Triple Wall (Ripple) Hot Drink Cup - VIP (340ml / 12oz)

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Our “On The Go” range of ripple wall hot drink cups are a double layered insulated kraft
paper construction. Whilst offering superior heat retention, the unique ripple pattern not
only adds to the aesthetic appeal but also serves as an extra layer of insulation, ensuring a comfortable grip without the need for additional sleeves or holders. The inner layer is coated with PE lining to a improve durability and water resistance. Whist these cups are not bio-degradable or compostable, they are wholly recyclable.

This 12oz (340ml) kraft VIP ripple wall hot drink cup is ideal for tea, coffee, hot
chocolate and many other hot drinks. They can also be used for cold drinks too.

Within the family of kraft VIP ripple wall hot drink cups, we also provide other sizes, including 4oz, 8oz and 16oz.

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