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Orchard Eco

100 x Heavy Duty Reusable Plastic (PS) Knife - Clear (195mm/7.7")

100 x Heavy Duty Reusable Plastic (PS) Knife - Clear (195mm/7.7")

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Our “On The Go” range of high quality, heavy-duty, reusable plastic cutlery is made from
polystyrene (PS) for food safety, superior strength and durability. This cutlery is also reusable and dishwasher safe. This provides a good alternative to single use cutlery.

This 7.7” (195mm) crystal clear knife gives a premium look which is designed to
complement any accompanying table-top accessories. This is ideal for use in travels and
picnics as well as for everyday use in homes for parties, events, large catered gatherings
and banquets.

This crystal clear knife also be purchased with an essential set of other cutlery items
including fork, dessert spoon and soup spoon.

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