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100 x Paper Fork - White 960gsm (158mm/6")

100 x Paper Fork - White 960gsm (158mm/6")

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Nature’s Choice range of sleek-white paper cutlery is strong and durable. Designed
with hospitality in mind, the paper cutlery boasts a robust design, featuring nine layers
and a sturdy weight of 960gsm, hence ensuring preservation of inherent strength and
practical use.

The paper cutlery is bio-degradable and compostable. This aligns with our commitment
In offering a sustainable and environmentally friendly solution without compromising on
quality. This promotes and provides a great alternative to CPLA or wooden options.

This 6” (158mm) white paper fork is also offered together with an essential set of other
paper cutlery items including knife, table spoon and dessert spoon.

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