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25 x Bagasse Round Container - White with Lid (6.25"/159mm x 2.65"/68mm) (750ml)

25 x Bagasse Round Container - White with Lid (6.25"/159mm x 2.65"/68mm) (750ml)

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Our Natural Cane range of products are made from bagasse. This is a dry fibrous pulp
which is a natural by-product of crushed sugar cane. Being both bio-degradable and
compostable, products made from bagasse are sustainable, environmentally friendly
and provide a great alternative to traditional plastic soup or salad bowls.

The 750ml round container (6.25”/159mm x 2.65”/68mm) with lid, is strong, sturdy,
leakproof and is naturally grease and tear/cut resistant. This container is suitable for wet
and oily foods and can be used over a wide temperature range, making it both freezer
and microwave safe. White in colour, this container is an ideal product to hold all types
of takeaway food and is an great catering solution for every occasion. The bagasse lid
provides the 500ml container with a tight leak-proof seal.

In addition to this 750ml round container, we also offer a 500ml round container as well
as rectangular containers in 500ml, 700ml and 850ml. These family of bagasse containers provide a great solution to all types of takeaway food.

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