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25 x Areca Palm Leaf - 10" Shallow Round Plate (250mm x 15mm)

25 x Areca Palm Leaf - 10" Shallow Round Plate (250mm x 15mm)

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Palm Leaf plates are made from naturally fallen areca palm leaves. Handpicked leaves are then sanitised and heat pressed into a desired shape and size, giving us aesthetically pleasing disposable plates. After use, the disposable plates can be placed in the garden compost or food waste, where within 2 to 3 months the plates will start to disintegrate into the soil. This provides a sustainable, bio-degradable and wholly compostable solution to eco-friendly dining.

Our 10” shallow round plate (25cmx1.5cm) is very popular with restaurants, street food vendors, festivals and outdoor caterers that serve food at events, parties and weddings. The plate can be used for hot and cold foods as it is naturally resistant to water and oils. The plate is also microwave and freezer safe.

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