Collection: On The Go Ripple Wall Hot Drink Cups

As part of our “On The Go” collection, we offer premium, lightweight and extremely rigid bio-friendly and recyclable products.

In this category we have a full range of soup cups with lids, noodle/snack boxes, salad bowls, single/double/triple wall drinking cups and grab/flat handle paper bags. These products provide a perfect alternative to plastic and are an ideal candidate for takeaway or delivery solutions. The products are sourced from manufacturers that are FSC certified, thus reassuring consumers that the products are made with materials from well managed forests and recycled sources.

This category also offers a versatile range of clear PET smoothie cups, domed and flat lids (PET 1) as well as heavy duty reusable plastic cutlery (PET 6) in order to satisfy a wide range of uses. Whilst these products fall into a category which are not biodegradable or compostable, they are fully recyclable after use.
On The Go Ripple Wall Hot Drink Cups