Collection: Natural Cane Containers

We specialise in offering a diverse range of eco-friendly products made from bagasse – a dry, fibrous pulp which is a natural by-product of crushed sugarcane. Being both bio-degradable and compostable, products made from bagasse are environmentally friendly and provide a great alternative to traditional plastic and polystyrene based products. Bagasse material is readily available as a result of the widespread use of sugarcane crops in various countries. For each tonne of crushed sugarcane stalk about 30 tonnes of bagasse material is generated, hence making it both economically viable and wholly sustainable.

Products made from bagasse are highly functional as they can typically be used over a wide temperature range. This allows the products to be used in a microwave or a freezer. Bagasse based products are also suitable for wet and oily foods. The material is naturally grease and tear/cut resistant. So, no matter what you are serving, we have a sturdy, greener and sustainable solution for you.

The Natural Cane range of bagasse products include, plates, bowls, burger boxes, containers and portion pots, all available in varying sizes and pack quantities.
Natural Cane Containers