Collection: MicroXpress Microwave Containers (Rectangular) - Wholesale

A diverse range of premium quality, durable, food grade microwave containers, are ethically sourced from reputed manufacturers under our MicroXpress category of products. Our microwaveable bio meal boxes come in a selection of sizes and can be used for hot or cold foods. Made from mineral based PP material and water (instead of oil), the boxes are fully recyclable making this the perfect eco-friendly choice. The MicroXpress category also provides microwaveable clear, rectangular and round plastic containers in a selection of sizes. With lids to fit, these highly durable containers can be used for hot and cold foods. Within this category, we also have hinged portion pots which are perfect for sauces, dips and other condiments. Made of polyproylene (PP), this is a safe plastic and can be reused and recycled, thus helping to cut down on waste whilst maintaining eco-conscious benefits.
MicroXpress Microwave Containers (Rectangular) - Wholesale